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Evening quad bikes were an awesome way to chill. We remember how we totally vibed with the sunset. It was a blast and hella cool! I'd totally recommend it. Skyline are legit pros!


Наш яхт-тур с дельфинами был потрясающим, эти умные морские животные в их естественной среде обитания удивительны, и мы даже имели возможность поплавать рядом с ними. Это был уникальный опыт. Благодарим Skyline за этот незабываемый день! ♥


Visiting Lake Salda felt like a journey into a fairytale. Warm water, white sandy beaches, and beautiful nature made us feel like we were in paradise. It's a shame we couldn't stay longer! Thanks to the Skyline team for this unforgettable experience!


Altynbeshik Cave left us in awe. We explored the inner landscapes of this cave and were amazed by its incredible beauty. It's definitely worth a visit! Thanks to the Skyline team for the wonderful tour!


A very informative and impressive tour. We liked the views of the valleys with romantic names, the great guide Sultan, and the nice hotel. We wished there was an opportunity for more affordable dining during the lunch break.


The jeep safari was super! It was an exciting adventure, driving through mountain trails and enjoying breathtaking nature views. It was an experience we will never forget!


Каньон Тазы — это место, где вы почувствуете мощь природы. Мы прогулялись по узким каньонам и наслаждались красивыми видами, это было удивительно! Спасибо гиду и команде Skyline за этот захватывающий опыт!


We were staying at a hotel in Side and decided not to limit ourselves to just the pool. We were looking for entertainment and saw the sightseeing tour on your website, so we booked it right away. I want to say that my friend and I were thrilled with the tour. Everything is so well thought out to the smallest detail, how many places we visited, a very rich program!!! I recommend your company for choosing tours. and there are many tourists for you, like us))


I fell in love with Cappadocia! This is a place where nature has created real masterpieces—rocks sculpted by magical hands. The tour was excellent, with a professional guide who shared fascinating historical facts. The impressions are simply unforgettable!


We booked a trip to Suluada Island through the Skyline tour operator, chosen based on the reviews, particularly for their professionalism. The excursion was excellently organized, with a Russian-speaking guide, Kamil, who provided information about all the stops, specifically the bays we visited. The island itself was lovely, very beautiful, with crystal-clear water, just like in the pictures! I recommend the island for an aesthetic pleasure visiting!


I would give you 6 stars for organizing the tours!!! Well done, guys! I ordered a buggy safari, a pirate yacht, and sea fishing, and everything was fantastic!


We were vacationing in Side with our kids and ordered a tour to the dolphinarium and a separate dolphin swim through Skyline. The trip was organized quite well by the manager. They picked us up directly from the hotel in a comfortable bus. Everyone, both adults and children, enjoyed it. Thank you!


We were in Tazy Canyon one day and in Sapadere the next day; we wanted to see as much as possible during our vacation. Thanks to the Skyline tour operator for the organized excursions, and special thanks to the guide for his professionalism in the matter.


Altynbeshik Cave is an interesting place, I recommend visiting it during your vacation! Thanks to Skyline for organizing the trip, everything was top-notch!!


I booked diving with you, and everything was excellent. Instructor Siren explained everything clearly, and the dive was easy. Thank you for the organization.


Thanks for the organized buggy safari! We had a great time!