What to see?

15 interesting places worth seeing in Zanzibar

Jozani Forest

The only national biosphere reserve on Zanzibar, the Jozani Forest, is located near the Chwaka Bay in the central part of Unguja Island. It covers an area of about 44 square kilometers, with the majority being occupied by mangroves. The park is a preserved area of pristine forest that showcases various ecosystems of Zanzibar, including salt marshes, mangrove thickets, and coastal grasslands, as well as tropical and coral forests and forests with groundwater.

Opening Hours: Every day from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. 

How to get there: As part of the excursion or by taxi.

Address: Jozani Forest, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Stone town

Stone Town - once the wealthiest city in East Africa, prospering through the slave trade, ivory, spice, and precious stone sales. The historical center of Zanzibar encompasses the architecture of different cultures, but Arab influence is most prominent. The city's streets are narrow and picturesque, navigating through such a labyrinth of intertwining is easy. You can comfortably stroll through the city even in the intense heat, as the houses standing close to each other create dense shade, and the breeze from the coast provides a bit of refreshment.

How to get there: As part of the excursion or by taxi.

Address: Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Turtle Island

Giant turtles over 100 years old can only be seen in a few places in the world. One of them is Turtle Island or Changu Island. It is located about 30-40 minutes by boat from the port of Stone Town. In 1919, turtles were sent as a gift from the Seychelles to Zanzibar. The turtles roam freely on the island, and tourists can feed them with leaves.

How to get there: As part of a tour or by renting a boat at the port of Stone Town.

Address: Changuu Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

The Rock Restaurant

The most famous landmark of Zanzibar is undoubtedly The Rock restaurant. The Rock is an iconic place. It is a restaurant on a small piece of rock on the east coast of Zanzibar.

Opening Hours: Daily from 12:00 to 20:00

How to get there: As part of the excursion or by taxi.

Address: The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar, Michamvi, Tanzania.

Nungwi Mnaran Aquarium

Beautiful natural lagoon with clear water, and most importantly, sea turtles live here. The highlight of this place is that you can freely swim with them. It's very emotional. The water in the aquarium is salty, and the water level depends on the tide. Therefore, it's better to come here during high tide.

Opening Hours: Every day from 9:00 to 18:00.

How to get there: As part of the excursion or by taxi.

Address: Nungwi Mnarani Aquarium, Nungwi, Tanzania.

Vanishing Island

Trip to the Vanishing Island Nakupenda is the most original entertainment in Zanzibar. The island emerges from the ocean waters during low tide, allowing tourists to feel like Robinson Crusoe until the evening tide returns, submerging the island underwater again. TripAdvisor enthusiasts believe that the excursion to Nakupenda is "worth every penny" and give it an honorable place on the list of the best attractions in Zanzibar.

How to get there: as part of an excursion.

Address: Nakupenda Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Slave Trading Square

In Stone Town, there is a monument on Slave Trading Square dedicated to the tragic events. The island had a major slave market that emerged in the early 19th century. The ban on the slave trade was enacted in 1873, before which more than 600,000 people were sold on the island. The market in Stone Town was notorious as the most brutal.

How to get there: As part of a tour or by taxi. Located in the historic central part of the city - Stone Town - not far from the Anglican Christ Church and Darajani Market.

Address: East Africa Slave Trade Exhibition, Tharia St, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Freddie Mercury's house

The Freddie Mercury House Museum is one of the most famous places in Stone Town. In this house, Farrokh Bulsara was born in 1946, who later became a great British rock singer, musician, and composer. Fans of the famous Queen vocalist can learn about the history of his childhood, family, and life journey.

Opening Hours: Every day from 10:00 to 18:00.

How to get there: As part of the excursion or by taxi.

Address: Freddie Mercury Museum, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Cheetah's Rock Zoo

If "hugging a cheetah" is on your bucket list, then Cheetah's Rock is the best place to fulfill that dream. You can interact with the wild animals outside of cages. Each resident of this sanctuary has a rescue story from poachers or the wild. The owner of the shelter, Jenny, welcomes guests and conducts the tour in English. She will share the story of each rescued animal, as she personally cares for them. In 4 hours on the tour, you can learn to understand the animals and discover more about wildlife than in half a lifetime of going to zoos.

Opening Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM.  

How to get there: as part of an excursion.

Address: Cheetah's Rock Kama/ Zanzibar TZ, 2344, Tanzania.

Kizimkazi Lagoon

The lagoon of the southernmost beach of Zanzibar, Kizimkazi, is a favorite spot for dolphins. You can observe them from the beach almost every day. Moreover, there are 2 types of dolphins around Zanzibar: the most common bottlenose dolphin and the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin.

How to get there: as part of an excursion or by taxi.

Address: Kizimkazi, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Zanzibar Archipelago

Zanzibar is an archipelago of 75 islands in the Indian Ocean, stretching along the eastern coast of Africa opposite modern-day Tanzania. The island of Zanzibar is just the largest among these exotic islands. Many tourists embark on boat trips along the most interesting of these islands.

How to get there: As part of the Safari Blue excursion.

Cave Kuzа

The entire perimeter of this cave is covered with crystal-clear lakes, with a depth of more than 2 meters. The still surface of the water perfectly reflects the decorations of stalactites and stalagmites, making it difficult to distinguish where the lake ends and the cave wall begins. Once the eyes adjust, you can discern several cracks in the water leading deeper underground. To this day, no one has explored these underground passages.

Opening Hours: Every day, from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

How to get there: As part of the excursion or by taxi.

Address: Kuza Cave, Kibigija, Jambiani, Tanzania.

Ruins of the Mtoni Palace

The ruins are all that remains of the once magnificent Mtoni Palace, a very picturesque place considered one of the oldest on Zanzibar. In its time, the palace was a beautiful structure adorned with grand balconies, and it featured a wonderful garden in its inner courtyard where peacocks and gazelles resided.

Opening Hours: Around the clock.

How to get there: As part of an excursion or by taxi, a 10-minute drive from the capital, Stone Town.

Address: Mtoni Palace Ruins, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Spice farm

Spices and herbs are not just a part of the agriculture of the island of Zanzibar but also integral to its history, culture, and soul. In recent years, discovering spice farms or gardens in spice-producing countries has become very fashionable. Farmers find it fascinating that many people don't know how ginger grows, and they are ready to share that knowledge. Moreover, it's not just about ginger. These are remarkable plants, and their appearance differs from the familiar spices we buy ready-made. For example, cloves are very tall, massive trees, while cardamom and ginger resemble marsh plants like reeds. Cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, lemongrass, chili peppers, and many other spices grow alongside them.

Opening Hours: Every day from 8:00 AM to 6:45 PM.

How to get there: As part of the excursion or by taxi.

Address: Siso Spice Farm, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Butterfly Cente

The Zanzibar Butterfly Center is a true butterfly cultivation and breeding farm on Zanzibar, presented in the form of an insect exhibition in a small botanical garden that anyone can visit. The tropical garden is home to about 100 local species of butterflies. It is the largest exhibition of its kind in all of Africa, providing residents and tourists with an engaging and educational experience.

Opening Hours: Every day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

How to get there: As part of the excursion or by taxi.

Address: Zanzibar Butterfly Centre, Zanzibar, Tanzania.