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Thanks for the Istanbul city tour! It was my first time in Istanbul, and it's such a beautiful city. We wanted to learn more about its landmarks and interesting places, and thanks to the guide, we found out everything. The tour was fantastic!


We visited the Istanbul Aquarium, booking the tour for the kids, but it turned out that the adults enjoyed it even more. There are so many different zones, a huge panoramic aquarium, and the further you go, the more interesting it gets. There's even a penguin zone! Thanks to Skyline Tours for organizing the trip and providing a knowledgeable guide; it made the experience even more informative!


My mom and I booked a trip to Yalova for the thermal springs. Thank you for organizing the trip! We will definitely book more tours with you! Regarding the tour, I highly recommend it for health purposes! What we liked about the place is that, besides the thermal springs, it also includes a sauna and massage. We swam, visited a hamam, relaxed in a mini cafe — in short, it was a complete rejuvenation for body and soul!


I've always dreamed of visiting Cappadocia and taking a hot air balloon ride, and thanks to you, my dream came true! Thank you so much for organizing our bachelorette party. You approached it very responsibly. The guys were excellent and organized everything superbly. And the hot air balloons were like a fairytale! We are delighted! We are now your clients. Expect us soon because Turkey is so beautiful.


We want to share our impressions about Skyline. We booked a 2-day Cappadocia tour, Prince Islands, and a hamam. Cappadocia is a must-visit for everyone coming to Turkey. Even after visiting it several times, you always want to come back. It's a place that you can never get tired of. Despite the long road, you forget about it once you arrive. The Prince Islandsare also interesting to explore, and it's a beautiful place right next to Istanbul. We strolled through the cozy, bright streets, saw the island's beaches, and took a boat trip between the islands. The last excursion was the hamam, where we could relax and enjoy ourselves. We were told it's the best hamam in Istanbul. Thank you, Skyline, for organizing the tours and our vacation!


Сегодня были на экскурсии с гидом Айдын, очень понравилась программа. Увлекательные рассказы об истории Стамбула, чувство юмора. Тур отличный 🔥🔥🔥 С благодарностью, туристы из Казахстана


Thank you for the Prince Islands tour. Everything was as specified in the program. The transfer to the island and back to Istanbul, visiting two islands. The trip on a pleasure boat to the first island takes 1.5 hours. During this time, the guide will tell you a bit about the sights and the islands. On the first island, you can walk for 3 hours, including lunch, which is included in the tour price. There are about 12 Turkish dishes to choose from, according to your taste. The island has a promenade with a beautiful view, lovely streets, and horse-drawn carriages. Highly recommended.


We've booked the Princes' Islands. It was a fantastic trip! A chill and cool tour to some beautiful and quiet spots not too far from the busy hustle of Istanbul. Big thanks to our dude Nikolay, our awesome guide Natalia, and the whole Skyline crew! 🤙


We want to express our gratitude to Skyline Travel! We booked an evening cruise with dinner and a panoramic tour of Istanbul. The evening cruise was magical. We tried Turkish dishes and enjoyed the show. The panoramic tour of Istanbul also impressed us greatly. We saw everything that was described in the tour and even more. We visited Taksim Square, went up the Galata Tower (tickets were included in the price). Despite the light rain,the tour was wonderful. A very good and positive guide. Thank you for our vacation! We will recommend it!


Thank you for the two-day tour to Cappadocia. This is a fairy tale that we've wanted to see with our own eyes for a long time. The journey was not difficult. The guide was very professional and friendly. We also took a hot air balloon ride, which was at sunrise. We saw many landmarks we didn't know about before. We especially liked the Valley of Love. Be sure to check out Cappadocia. Thanks, Skyline!!!


Good day. We want to thank you for the sightseeing tour! Everything was well organized! We wrote in advance and made all the reservations. The program matched the description. The guide did the tour very well and provided a lot of interesting and informative information. Highly recommended!


Cappadocia holds an honorary place in my list of favorite and most memorable places. I strongly recommend that everyone goes there to wander among the wonderful rock formations, take a hot air balloon ride, or at least see this impressive airshow from the ground. It's not the typical Turkey experience that many tourists are familiar with.


Cappadocia is like a fairy tale, incredibly beautiful. One of the best places in the world! The tour went very well. We want to note that the guide was very cheerful and educated. We saw Goreme, Uchisar, Urgup, the Devrent Valley, and Pasabag. There are still many beautiful photos and memories.


The city tour was very enjoyable. It was very interesting and informative. Thanks to our guide, Adam!


Thanks for Cappadocia! Everything went great. We appreciate it!


We went on the Panoramic Istanbul tour. The tower, tram, Taksim, cable car, the vibrant and unusual Bolat district expanded our horizons. We saw with our own eyes what we could never have done to this extent on our own. We enjoyed the tour. I recommend it!


The impression after the tour was good. But we lacked information about the island itself, life on the island, interesting facts. And we wanted more time at the stops. Overall, on this tour, you will see beautiful places and magnificent views. Maybe we had an unlucky guide, and other guides from the company are better.


Поездку в Каппадокию я рекомендую в любом случае. Каппадокия — это место, которое каждый должен увидеть хотя бы раз. Поэтому если будет возможность — обязательно езжайте!